Address: 30 Krasnykh Zor street, Obninsk, Kaluga region, 249031, Russia

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Among the strongest challenges faced by contemporary engineering companies is the ability to quickly apply pioneering technology and innovations in industrial production. The key focus is on the very latest designs, projects and innovations to be implemented within the shortest possible time. The most capable in achieving success in the innovations area have been small business firms formed as affiliates to larger regional scientific centers. The Obninsk Thermoelectric Company is exactly such type of successful business.

Our basic partner is the Obninsk Center of Science and Technology which has incorporated local research institutes, including the largest ones:

Obninsk Institute of Physics and Power Engineering (IPPE), the leading scientific research institute of nuclear industry;

“Technologia” Scientific Research and Production Association – specializing in manufacture of perspective ceramic materials used in aviation industry and other applications.

The Company’s basic field of business – manufacture of temperature measuring probes for aggressive environments at high temperature. We’ll be pleased to offer to our customers quality products with extremely long service life, providing high precision measurements. Our products can be interesting to metallurgy plants, rolling mills, ceramic factories, glassworks and machinery facilities using high temperature treatment process and foundry operations.

The Company's competitive advantages:

Quality management system certified to ISO 9001:2008 used in project engineering, production, general maintenance & repairs, and marketing of thermal transducers. Quality management also applies to our services to customers in temperature logging and thermometry, including engineering and metrological survey.

Company products are certified by Certification Association “Russian Register” (a partner of IQNet), Certificate No. 11.1047.026, effective date of issue 12 December, 2011.

The Company's technological advantages:

Active use of contemporary welding technology.

Patents, certificates:

Russian Federation patent of invention No. 2295420 “Thermoprobe for a metallurgical furnace”.

RF utility patent No. 51422 ”Thermoprobe for a metallurgical furnace”.

RF utility patent No. 42311 “Thermoelectric transducer”.

Type approval certificates for TC-К, TC-N, TC-L, TC-S, TC-В, TC-А types of thermoelectric transducers.                                                                                                                                       

Innovative projects:

Using of tungsten rhenium thermocouples for measuring super-high temperatures.

Autonomous temperature monitoring systems for increasing of thermal effectiveness and energy saving in industrial furnaces. Products are supplied to all Russian regions.